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I'm an educational & passionate speaker that gives transformative talks on SEO & digital marketing.


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Looking for someone to spice up your next event or podcast?

I am passionate about SEO and digital marketing—and more than that, I speak on it in a way that makes it easy for audiences to understand. And is fun and exciting.

I'm available for workshops, podcast interviews, conference talks, collaborations, and more.

Signature Talks + Interview Topics


SEO Basics: How to Perform a Site Audit to Improve Your Spot on Google

Your audience will...

  1. Learn the importance of performing an SEO audit on your site (and how to do it for free)
  2. Discover easy ways to find and fix your website errors
  3. Find out how to maintain a regular site audit schedule to prevent any major errors and improve your search engine rankings

An SEO audit is like a health assessment for your website. It lets you know what’s working well and what’s hurting your site’s performance in search engine results (and with users). Site audits cover the main pillars of SEO…

  • Technical SEO (what your site is telling search engines about itself),
  • On-page SEO (what your site is telling users) 
  • Off-page SEO (what other sites are saying about yours)

By examining each of these in-depth and working toward eliminating errors, search engines will have an easier time crawling, indexing, and retrieving your content for searchers.

In this talk, you’ll learn how search engines actually work, why SEO is important, and simple ways to keep a check on your website’s search engine optimization status.

Other Topics

You're looking for Carolyn

In middle school, this introvert won national public speaking competitions. Carolyn‘s grandmother, a seasoned stage-cosmetologist and instructor (it’s a job, weird, right?), took 13-year-old Carolyn to a public speaking course in New York city at L’Oreal with 20 of the company’s top platform artists.

Nowadays, she uses these skills to educate businesses about SEO and content on the big stage. You could say her whole life has been prep for this introvert to come out of her shell.

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Upcoming Appearances

  • Women in Tech SEO Monthly Webinar: May 20, 2020
  • iFundWomen Workshop: May 28, 2020
  • Search and Content Summit: May 29, 2020
  • VirtuaCon Live: June 2020
  • SEJ Summit: June 2020

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