SEO Strategy for BIPOC- & Women-Owned Businesses

Through strategic SEO strategy and implementation, I help your venture achieve visibility online, drive more leads to your business, and reach the next level of success.

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Get Found Online and Grow Your Business

Maybe you know SEO is important, but you just don't have the time to dedicate to learning and implementing it on your business website. Or maybe you know just enough SEO to be dangerous--but not enough to see the results you want for your business.

With over 10 years of experience in SEO, content marketing, and strategy, I have a unique perspective on what it takes for a business like yours to succeed online. I've helped companies of all sizes make SEO a part of their marketing foundation, drive more traffic to their sites, and convert more qualified leads.

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Business transformer and SEO powerhouse

Hi, I'm Carolyn. I grew up spending weekends helping the small family business.

In my first real job as a writer for a marketing agency, I quickly learned that, if I wanted people to read what I created for clients, I needed to teach myself SEO. And I've been in search ever since.

This experience led me to love helping small businesses grow and learn. I love to dive into unusual industries and have developed strategies that work for anyone. No industry is too unique or “unmarketable.”

I’m passionate about growing BIPOC- and women-owned businesses

After growing up in a woman-owned business and working for entrepreneurs, startups, and SMBs for the last 10 years, I believe I have a unique perspective on what it takes for a business to be successful.

“U.S. female-founded startups have raised just 2.2 percent of venture capital investment in 2018,” according to TechCrunch. Not only does this mean less money for female and BIPOC business owners—but less guidance in areas where they need it most. That’s why I started Search Hermit.

SEO is not something many new (or established!) business owners tend to
think about until they have to. But the truth is that it's a crucial foundation for
your marketing ecosystem. SEO sets the stage for you to take the rest of your marketing to the next level.

I want to see your business succeed. Let’s talk about how SEO can help you get there.

Carolyn thinks critically about every project she’s given, and often is already working on a plan long before someone else enlists her expertise. She helped build out our SEO team at a pivotal moment in our growth from a startup to a more established brand in digital marketing.

- Mark S.